Industry we work with

  • Financial services
  • Education
  • Real Estate
  • Food and beverage
  • Hospitality
  • Health Care
  • Manufacturing
  • Information & Technology

Services Offered

Consultancy services

At IKUBE Global, we service all the industry sectors and offer assistance to businesses aiming to Invest in India (Inbound) and Indian Businesses reaching out to Overseas markets (Outbound). We proffer noise-free business environment supported by our International Employee base which minimizes your effort, provides a comprehensive road map and optimizes the business opportunity.

Conceptualization and organisation

The hallmark of a peerless event experience lies in innovative thinking and transparent implementation. We bring forth our expertise to devise an innovative solution in an organised system that elevates the event experience.

Event Management and production

The event management structure, as offered by IKUBE global is comprehensive yet simple. We manage every aspect of an end to end event management environment, from concept development, event execution to feedback. We tailor develop solutions to every kind of event need that suits and surpasses expectations.

Strategic communication and planning

We foster a sense of vision with tailored strategy which transforms the outcome and brings effective return on investment. We bring together an array of stakeholders, partners and customers on a global platform that enables a transparent and noise-free business environment. Our accurate planning and measured outcomes ensures a salubrious exchange of cross cultural business ideas.

Marketing & Branding

At IKUBE global, we design and develop marketing opportunities to increase the brand's exposure and generate investment solutions. Our platform provides a global audience for your brand which improves upon the credibility and opens up investment opportunities from markets across continents.


  • We dedicate equitable heed to diversified industry verticals, corporate market, non-profit events and incorporate creativity and transparency to elevate the business experience.
  • Our anatomy offers unique advantages in cultivating strong relationship even with the government and the industry whenever required
  • Trusted network among the business professional in India and access to reputed accomplished service firms
  • Strong operational background with complementary management team.
  • Aptitude to leverage a vast network.
  • Quick feedback on the investment decision.
  • We provide handling support to help you in establishing your brand base in India and overseas.
  • We proffer fact-based inputs for your informed decisions.
  • Support and Advisory services in accordance to Corporate and Industry introductions
  • Mediating between the government bodies and investor and vice- versa.
  • We ensure your business operates smoothly and offer smart resolution to procedural complications.
  • We intend to provide NRI care platform which would take care of investor relations/financial management related queries like industry opportunity assessment and market validation.